TU Bergakademie Freiberg – Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering

The TU Bergakademie Freiberg was founded in 1765. It is the German University of Resources focusing on education and research along the whole value chain of mineral and energy resources from exploration, mining, conversion and beneficiation to recycling. This specialisation is reflected in the  profile of the university: Geo, Material, Energy and Environment. The International Freiberg Conference is organised by the Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering (IEC). Not only is IEC the biggest institute in TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Saxony; it is also the leading institution in research and development activities relating to large-scale gasification processes in Germany.

The research at IEC is carried out under three professorships:

(1) Professorship of Energy Process Engineering and Thermal Waste Treatment: efficient and sustainable thermochemical upgrading processes and conversion chains (gasification, pyrolysis, coking etc.) for coal, crude oil, natural gas, biomass and waste.

(2) Professorship for Reaction Engineering: reaction engineering and catalysis of homogeneous and heterogeneous processes (e.g. flue gas, CO2 reduction etc.), optimisation of existing applications and development of new applications in the fields of oil processing and petro-chemistry, generation of bio fuels and synthetic fuels.

(3) Professorship of Numerical Thermo-Fluid Dynamics: numerical simulation of high-temperature conversion processes (gasification and combustion) using sophisticated models combined with 3D CFD.

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IEA Clean Coal Centre

Established in 1975, the IEA Clean Coal Centre is best known for its desk-based research into clean coal use technology developments (including advanced efficiency coal -fired power plant), coal markets and emissions control technologies and policies. Typically, fifteen analytical reports are published each year which are available from www.iea-coal.org.

Every 2 years the Centre runs a major Clean Coal Technologies Conference, and various annual workshops on a range of subjects, including:
Advanced ultra-supercritical power plant, 13-14 December 2017, Rome http://www.ausc3.com/
Cofiring biomass with coal, 7-8 June 2017, Beijing http://cofiring7.coalconferences.org/
High efficiency low emissions coal-fired plant
Mercury emissions from coal.

The Centre’s staff also present webinars and conference papers and can give expert advice. The Centre maintains an enviable reputation for objective and independent views, and so is a credible commentator on coal technologies and their potential. It is a membership organisation with members from North America, Europe, Eurasia, Asia and Africa. For more information visit www.iea-coal.org.

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