Technical Tour 1: Lignite First-Hand LEAG


Departure from Conference Hotel, Berlin, Germany

09:30 - 12:30

Tour of LEAG in the mining site Welzow-Süd

12:30 - 13:30

Lunch Time

13:30 - 15:00

Tour of LEAG at the power plant Schwarze Pumpe


Departure back to Conference Hotel, Berlin, Germany*

 *Arrival time in the Conference Hotel in Berlin will be dependent on traffic conditions

Lusatian lignite is extracted free of subsidies in opencast mine Welzow-Süd. In nearby power plants it is converted into electrical energy, safely, efficiently and environmentally friendly.

The Welzow-Süd deposit lies in the State of Brandenburg, west of the river Spree and the town of Spremberg. At present, the second Lusatian lignite seam is being mined. It lies at a depth of 90 to 130 metres below the surface level and is between 10 to 16 metres thick. In Welzow-Süd opencast mine approx. 20 million tons of raw lignite is mined annually.

Energy means life, not only in the lignite-fired power plant Schwarze Pumpe. About a quarter of the electricity generation in Germany is based on lignite – the most important domestic energy source which is supplied directly to the power plants over a short distance.

The Schwarze Pumpe power plant, is located near the town of Spremberg in Brandenburg, approx. 30 kilometers to the south of Cottbus. The foundation stone was laid in Autumn 1993. Almost four years later, the first 800 MW unit went into operation. The second 800 megawatt unit was commissioned half a year later. The Schwarze Pumpe power plant is a lignite doubleblock system as well as the first of a new generation of lignite-fired power plants setting a new benchmark with regard to environmental protection standards on a national as well as international level.